Experience no. 34 : That feeling when you’re going on a trip


Experience no. 34 : That feeling when you’re going on a trip

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Closing borders and the world on lockdown has affected all of our lives, but with security measures slowly lifting, our excitement for travel  is growing, while up until recently we weren’t even aware how much they actually mean to us. 

We’re adjusting to a new normal with Carwiz- and that means only one thing-  #onthemoveagain and creating new, safe and unforgettable experiences. 

Disinfected vehicles, protective gloves, masks, disinfectants, protective barriers and pleasant staff- everything to provide you with safety and protection. 

Attractive rental prices and Carwiz conditions which meet the world's highest standards of travel safety are both making sure “that feeling when you’re going on a trip" is exactly as we fondly remember it with excitement and a smile on our face. 

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