What do we offer?

We are offering a brand value, ready to go package, included rental software, customized website and promo materials, extensive Support Services, master franchise rights for a defined region, access to broker contracts with centralised XML links, direct customers via the CARWIZ and country-specific websites, on-site visits with operations support, on-site start-up assistance and more.

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What do we offer?

Business planning & finance

Prior to the commencement of each franchise location, CARWIZ rent a car management and operations team assist the new franchise based on detailed business planning. 

Training & development

We will give your team full training in running car rental the CARWIZ way. Franchisees enjoy a full range of training services that have been developed to meet the varying requirements of today’s business market.

You will enjoy one on one training with an existing CARWIZ franchise location in Croatia, giving you real hands-on and practical experience.

  • Business development
  • Fleet
  • Insurance
  • Location systems
  • Branch marketing
  • Sales
  • Web and pricing systems
  • Customer service
  • Security

Operational support

We will provide full support in all operational and strategical aspects of your business, providing support and assistance as and when required.

Each location is monitored centrally, capturing vital operational data including fleet utilization, vehicle usage, vehicle downtime, income source, and revenue.

Pricing Support

We will support you with the initial pricing set-up for your territory in all CARWIZ reservation channels.

Also, we will consult you to be priced competitively, to ensure that your pricing structure is adjusted continually in line with market trends in order to maximize your revenue and profitability.

IT Systems & marketing

Strong communication and supporting systems are at the main strengths of CARWIZ business strategy.

We operate an online rental software - Renteon - which is the management tool responsible for the control of the day to day operation of the location in terms of fleet usage, utilization, managing your rates, customer data and the generation of rental agreements and documentation.

Brand Elements

Our communication platform is comprised of five overlapping elements:

  • Brand name
  • Brand image
  • CARWIZ Experiences
  • CARWIZ Avatars
  • Graphic standards

They form a platform for creating a trustworthy brand.


Our website is built for speed and offers a customer experience that is second to none. Our goal is to provide consumers with as much information as possible up front so that they can make the best car rental decision. Each franchise benefits from its own individual operating local website enabling each specific franchise to advertise the services of its own branch.

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